Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Populus : SNP lose ground, but still lead Labour

After two consecutive Populus sub-samples showing huge SNP leads, the April figures show them down to a more plausible three-point lead over Labour.

SNP 35% (-8)
Labour 32% (+5)
Conservatives 21% (+10)
Liberal Democrats 8% (-10)
Others 5% (+3)

There does seem to have been something of a split between the polling companies in recent weeks - YouGov has been consistently showing a Labour lead, while both ComRes and Populus have repeatedly showed the SNP in front by varying margins. I should make the point that the YouGov Scottish sub-samples are typically much larger, at not far off 200.

1 comment:

  1. The sample sizes are too small to be taken as a real indication of what would happen tomorrow. There are huge margins of error in these small samples. However these straws in the wind are encouraging for the SNP compared to what the party polled in 2005.