Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SNP up eight points in Ipsos-Mori 'northern region' sub-sample

It seems slightly beside the point to return to discussing sub-samples of UK polls when we've just had a rare full-scale Scottish survey, but for the sake of completeness, here are the latest numbers from Ipsos-Mori. As it happens, they're unusually favourable for the SNP. The figures are based on all those certain to vote (I've excluded undecideds which for some reason isn't done in the published table) and is for the 'northern region', covering the whole of Scotland and northern England.

Conservatives 35% (-3)
Labour 35% (-2)
Liberal Democrats 13% (-4)
SNP 13% (+8)
Others 4% (-1)

Intriguingly the UK-wide figures show Labour narrowing the gap on the Tories markedly. That could perhaps offer a partial explanation of Labour's unexpected upswing in the YouGov Scottish poll at the weekend. Brown Bounce III?


  1. James you have the SNP on 13% up 8% lol so were the SNP on 5% on the last pool, hee hee

  2. Yes they were. That was unusally low, though, 8-12% seems to be their normal range with Mori.