Monday, February 16, 2009

Labour tumbles 31 points in latest Populus sub-sample!

The Populus website has finally replaced its riveting 'fabulous sex' survey with the detailed figures from the political poll for the Times, published over a week ago. The breakdown for Scotland provides a textbook example of why sub-samples should always be taken with a heavy dose of salt -

SNP 42% (+14)
Conservatives 20% (+12)
Labour 19% (-31)
Liberal Democrats 15% (+2)
Others 4% (+2)

I have a sneaky feeling these figures have been available somewhere for several days, but I haven't been able to track them down until now.


  1. If only if only, oh see them little sub samples they don't do my heart any good.

    Some how i cant see labour on 19%, i think just the other day someone had labour on 38% in Scotland and the SNP on 27%.

  2. How about a keeping a running poll of polls? Might be some value in that.