Monday, February 2, 2009

Boris Johnson for Beauty that Was

There should be a law banning all acronyms and abbreviations on the internet. My suspicion is that three-quarters of people never actually know what they mean, but bluff their way through because they assume they're the only stupid person not in the know. That's how I've felt with this new "BJ4BW" that's suddenly been everywhere over the last few days. What could BJ stand for? Well, quite, but naturally I was thinking more along the lines of Boris Johnson. And BW? Not a scooby. The first search result on Google suggests "beauty that was". Boris Johnson for Beauty that Was? Hmmmm...perhaps not. (For starters, it would be a touch harsh on Petronella Wyatt.)

But thankfully, has provided the answer. These things always seem ridiculously simple, but only after you're told...

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