Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moray's punishment for voting SNP?

I'm starting to wonder if my old sparring-partner, Aberdeenshire Tory activist ChristinaD, is finally losing what little there was left of the plot. A few hours ago, she launched this astonishing attack on the SNP and the people of Moray for daring to take issue with the likely closures of RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth -

"The lying littel toe rag!! [She means Alex Salmond.] You have a constituency with not one, but two airbases. You demand a commitment from the UNITED KINGDOM MOD to fund and keep open both bases. You have an economic meltdown and the Nimrods grounded. And you even have someone launch an inquiry into the economic importance of these airbases.

So what do the electorate of Moray do, they could vote for anyone of three various Union/MOD/UK military presence supporters. Or anyone who might actually get voted into government with the accompanying power or influence. But they didn’t, they voted SNP. Yep, they voted for independence. And the very ‘independent’ SNP MP vowed to fight for the Westminster government to retain its presence in his constituency. You cannot buy that kind of hypocrisy."

Rather startled by the implications of this outburst, I asked her if she was really saying that people had been punished by the Tories for voting the 'wrong' way. She was in a hole, but did she stop digging?

"You have to love the Scottish way of life. You can stick two fingers up at the United Kingdom, but if the United Kingdom takes you at your word, they are punishing you."

Now I fully appreciate that Christina is not an official Tory spokeswoman (more's the pity for all the other parties) but even so, if this vindictive attitude towards the electorate is at all typical of their activists, it's little wonder they've got such an enduring problem in Scotland.

Incidentally, implying that the SNP aren't allowed to believe in military bases simply because an independent Scotland wouldn't be part of the British armed forces is approximately as silly as saying that the SNP aren't allowed to believe in postal delivery because an independent Scotland wouldn't be part of the British Royal Mail.

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