Saturday, December 2, 2023

Vote James Kelly #1 for the Alba NEC

So I believe today may be the day (or at the latest tomorrow) - if you were registered as a delegate for the Alba conference, you'll have an online vote in the election of ordinary NEC members, and I'll be one of the candidates unless I've been elected as Membership Support Convener.  If you'd like to see the party fully democratised, with the entire NEC elected by the whole membership, and likewise for all the other national committees, and if you've seen my views and my commitment to independence over the last fifteen years, please consider voting for me with your first preference vote.


  1. Best of luck with the election James.

    When it all blows up for Yousaf it will be funny to see how the WGD numpties manage to put it all down to the nasty Britnats. No wonder Russell doesn't want to be the SNP president anymore.

    1. You won't be disappointed to know then that Mike Russell is going to head up the organization who's mission is to take back Scotland's land that was stolen and sold
      And the new SNP President is to be?

    2. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    3. Ok I've stopped laughing now. Many thanks anonymous. So anonymous please tell me about Mike Russell's actual achievements. By actual achievements I don't mean winning elections. Will Russell be putting together another phoney 11 point plan to take back Scotland's stolen land. 不不不不不不不 dam I’m laughing again that some people think that Russell will achieve a mission statement.

      It wouldn't surprise me if the new SNP president was Peter Murrell but only if Sturgeon unlocks the garden shed he has been in for most of the year and let's him out. Anyone seen the happy couple together holding hands in 2023 - oh that's right there hasn't been a General Election this year. James you like a bet - what odds would you give on the happy couple being pictured together voting at their local polling station any time soon?

  2. With what may be about to drop about two very high profile SNP representatives, it's more dispiriting than ever that Alba cowered away from a national spotlight with the Rutherglen by-election. If what has been strongly rumoured turns out to be true, then the wretched, anaemic shell that the SNP has become in recent years will be well and truly finished.

    But because Alba (and I include Salmond himself in that) have proven too gutless and cowardly to answer the call, that will only benefit the Unionists. Alba activists might crow in their narrow Twitter circles for a while, and it will undoubtedly feel good for many, myself included, to see the NuSNP laid low.

    But it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth to see the headlines the day after the next election, declaring independence dead for all time.

    It won't be dead for all time, of course. But it will be gone for the generation the Unionists always hoped for. And given the average age of the Alba activist, I do wonder at what point the horrendous realisation that they will live their entire lives in a dependent Scotland will set in.

    That could have been different, if Salmond had the courage of his convictions to actually stand in Rutherglen and seize the narrative. As it is, it's too late. The NuSNP will rightly fall, and sadly, no-one but Starmer will be there to take its place.