Friday, December 1, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Alba NEC hustings - Watch Part 1 Now!

The delayed elections for ordinary members of of the Alba NEC will take place over the weekend, and I believe anyone who registered as a conference delegate will be able to vote.  (One of my reasons for standing as a candidate is that I want to make the case that the system should change - all members should have a vote whether they registered for conference or not.)  There's been a lot of frustration that members haven't been provided with a full list of candidates in advance of the elections, and also that no hustings have taken place.  I decided to try to remedy that by organising some online hustings myself as episodes of the Scot Goes Popcast.  You can watch Part 1 of the hustings below, in which two NEC candidates - myself (James Kelly) and Trish McPherson - answer some excellent and thoughtful questions from Alba members.  Please note that I was using a family member's Zoom account, so it's definitely James Kelly who is standing as a candidate, not Ann Kelly!

All NEC candidates and Alba members are welcome to take part in Part 2 of the hustings, which will be recorded over Zoom at 9pm tonight.  If you don't already have the link, just contact me on Twitter or at:


  1. From yesterday:

    “Scottish independence: Alba launch new ‘back-up’ referendum plan”

    This is interesting because it follows on from KC Aidan O’Neill’s opinion to Neale Hanvey some months ago about where to go after the UKSC made a self-deterministic booboo (effed up, frankly), and O’Neill was previously of the opinion that the Scottish Parliament is empowered by the People of Scotland (and indeed, has been 6 times now).

    This too is a member’s bill and therefore not bound as far as I know, by any requirement for the Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain to give it the OK as far as legislative competence is concerned. Yes, I guess if passed it could face challenges then.

    I hope the SNP and Greens can find it in themselves to at least consider the Bill and perhaps give it their support.

    I say “perhaps” because not having thought about it in depth, I am actually neutral as to whether it’s a good thing or not.

  2. Will Mike Russell be taking his horsebox and 11 point independence plan with him? Another SNP failure (assuming he ever wanted independence in the first place ) departs the scene but not via a luxury motorhome.