Sunday, April 12, 2015

When I find myself in times of boredom, my mate Murphy comes to me, speaking words of narcissism, glory be...

Can you guess which of these is a genuine tweet from Jim Murphy, and which one I've just made up?

"To Mrs Lily Ritchie of Girvan Rd : open your front door now for rare opportunity to see me on Irn Bru crate railing against separation."

"If you live on corner of Heather Ave & Acacia Dr in Barrhead, look out window as doing Sky News on SNP pension cuts."

Yes folks, it's true - one of these is a GENUINE TWEET from Jim Murphy.


  1. He's just a few short words away from shouting "Someone, anyone in Barrhead, throw an egg at me please!! The unionists liked me when I was dodging eggs and I was never off the media."

    LOL :-D

    We're rapidly going back to the days when Murphy was nothing but a joke shouting at four guys and a dug before he dodged an egg.

    We should all be delighted that SNP and independence supporters are ignoring this Blairite idiot since there's nothing he hates more being ignored and irrelevant.

    It's also abundantly clear that as the 'scottish' Labour party stares into the abyss they are growing ever more panicky and desperate to find something, anything to try and smear Nicola, the SNP and it's supporters. Happily, even the likes of the BBC will have to think twice before going on obvious bullshit after the Torygraph/Daily Mail dirty tricks backfired so spectacularly on the unionists.

  2. Now that I've got a few points since the method change...

    For Yougov UK, the number of SNP(+PC) share of the unweighted Scottish sample is getting bigger and bigger; up to around 45% on average from ~30% before. Prior to the method change, the larger this number, the larger the SNP share of the Scottish subsample as you'd expect. Opposite looks to be the case now; the more SNP in the unweighted base, the more they are down-weighted to give a lower share in the subsample.

    Also seems the new method means the Scottish sample needs heavy up-weighting in general simply in terms of numbers.

    Still trying to work out the whys of this.

    1. I should say this pattern - of a spike in SNP 'identifiers / voters' in unweighted samples is common to Yougov UK, populus and Opinium (where such data is shown). Happened since the 7-way debate + nikileaks.

      Might be related to the increased SNP share we saw in the Yougov Scottish poll.

  3. Alternative version:
    Eagerly awaiting SNP landslides, the Eds and Eggman come to me, urging acts of self-harm, "vote for me"...

  4. I was going with the first then I thought that was too simple so I checked that there was a corner in Heather Avenue which collided with Acacia Drive in Barrhead and yes there is. My goodness we have to give those Councillors top marks for name places. Any amount of Acacia Drives in Britain. Do they even grow here? No I checked they don't.

  5. I actually don't know which is real...seriously.

    I wouldn't be surprised by either.


  6. Heard something or other about a "Lib Dem resurgence" this morning, on the radio. I was in the shower, so don't know who said it, or where the information was coming from. It was on Radio Scotland. I only ever listen to this station in the shower, because I can't hear what anybody is saying.

    Is this likely to be true? Have there been some new polls indicating that this is even likely? Or is it just more spin from the Lib Dem propaganda machine (snigger) which is currently promulgating the "We didn't prop up the Tory govt for the last 5 years-we gave you all stable government"

    I hope somebody can confirm/deny that this projection of more Lib Dem MPs hanging on to their seats is likely, living as I sadly do, in a Lib Dem seat.

    1. The LD's did go from 3 to 4% in the latest full scale Scotland poll. I suppose you could call that a resurgence.

    2. "Or is it just more spin from the Lib Dem propaganda machine"

      Clegg's ostrich faction are among some of the most deluded and utterly clueless people ever to walk the earth. There will be no lib dem 'surge'. What there will be is one of the most stark, abject and comprehensive rejections of a party in modern scottish politics by the scottish voters. They will struggle hugely to keep more than one MP, IF EVEN THAT!

      Make no mistake, if 'scottish' Labour weren't also heading for a historic hammering then then Clegg's yellow tories in scotland would be the subject of ridicule for many years. As it is they will simply be an irrelevance and scottish politics will move on very swiftly to rightly forget all about them. While that happens Clegg's moronic spinners will move swiftly to try to save themselves from the ire of what remains of their party as anyone could have seen this one coming since four years ago and a great number of people did.

  7. Politicians always claim that they are far closer than polls suggest, when the polls suggest they will be defeated, it's the nature of the game.

    Danny Alexander was asked about it today (Sunday) and he said the same, but he was then asked, why, if he was saying that the Tories were so bad, was he asking Tory voters to vote for him against the SNP, he stuttered for a moment then repeated the sound bites that he had been feeding them about bad Tories.

    This is the Unionists problem in a nutshell, they need to get their supporters to vote for parties that are calling their own party, and therefore by extension them, nasty, vile, posh-boys, etc.

    They are desperate, to prevent an SNP momentum, gathering even more pace than it has already, their desperate tactics of smearing Nicola with the false Memo, the lies about FFA and pensioners losing money, and the smearing yet again of SNP activists, looks like the BT strategists at the heart of Jim Murphy's campaign have dusted off the 'Project Fear & Smear' handbook again.

    If anything this will prove to be a vote loser in my opinion.

  8. It already is Patrick. We've already moved on from the tired old lies about who will let the tories in to the last gasp desperate unionist omnipanic of dirty tricks, smears, shouting down the first minister and orchestrated unionist media rammies.

    It started just before the first big debate and it sure as hell isn't helping Eggman Murphy and 'scottish' Labour in the polls. Quite the reverse. Didn't help them just before 2011 either funnily enough but you would hardly expect the likes of Murphy and little Ed to learn from past disasters. That was obviously someone else's fault. It had nothing to do with them! ;-D