Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stunning Sturgeon WINS Britain-wide YouGov debate poll

Britain-wide instant reaction poll (YouGov) :

Nicola Sturgeon 28%
Nigel Farage 20%
David Cameron 18%
Ed Miliband 15%
Nick Clegg 10%
Natalie Bennett 5%
Leanne Wood 4%

With ComRes it's practically a four-way tie...

Britain-wide instant reaction poll (ComRes) :

Nigel Farage 21%
David Cameron 21%
Ed Miliband 21%
Nicola Sturgeon 20%
Nick Clegg 9%
Natalie Bennett 5%
Leanne Wood 2%

The ICM poll bears little resemblance to the first two...

Britain-wide instant reaction poll (ICM) :

Ed Miliband 25%
David Cameron 24%
Nigel Farage 19%
Nicola Sturgeon 17%
Nick Clegg 9%
Natalie Bennett 3%
Leanne Wood 2%

And Survation is showing...

Britain-wide instant reaction poll (Survation) :

David Cameron 25%
Ed Miliband 25%
Nigel Farage 24%
Nicola Sturgeon 15%
Nick Clegg 6%
Natalie Bennett 3%
Leanne Wood 2%

Bear in mind that well over 80% of the respondents to these polls are not voters in Scotland - when we see the figures for Scottish respondents only, it will be very surprising if Nicola Sturgeon is not ahead across the board.


  1. Yup, she hammered them.

    You can almost hear the shrieking and wailing from Murphy's chums and the tory twits. :-D

    The poor old right-wing tabloids and establishment media will need to find something else to scaremonger about now lest they look even more out of touch and ridiculous.

  2. Just been on the Wings tweet feed, you need to go have a look!

    The amount of English people saying they had never heard Nicola speak before, but now want to move to Scotland or want the SNP to open branches in England lol.

    Best bit about it, saw quite a few Unionist supporting Scottish journalists, admitting that Nicola bossed the whole debate!

    Murphy will be spitting blood as we speak, haha!

  3. ComRes Net ratings:
    Sturgeon +16%
    Miliband +7%
    Cameron +6%
    Clegg +3%
    Farage +1%
    Wood -14%
    Bennett -25%

    As ComRes asked who performed best and worst, Sturgeon won the net vote (Best take away worst).

  4. one thing is for sure Cameron do not do well enough
    I thought Nicola was very good speaking for all the UK
    many Labour voters support the policies she endorsed.
    if only the Labour party did.

  5. Sturgeon was fantastic.

  6. Another 1200 joined the SNP during the debate and we may well see a great many popping into the SNP hubs/shops tomorrow to join as well.

    Also had some new folk helping tonight when we were leafleting because it's getting down to the wire and with a few short weeks left till polling day more and more people are realising this is their last chance to do something to help or spend the next five years regretting they didn't.

  7. The average of the 3 polls:

    Sturgeon: 21.66%
    Cameron: 21.00%
    Miliband: 20.33%
    Farage: 20.00%
    Clegg: 9.33%
    Bennett: 4.33%
    Wood: 2.66%

  8. Nicola Sturgeon was outstanding.

  9. I saw the 17% for Sturgeon poll first and thought, wow, that's impressive in a UK-wide debate....then I saw the other polls!
    This may well be a bit of a historic moment.
    How utterly inspiring.
    (Farage's obscene HIV comments will, I hope, return to haunt him.)
    Damn I feel good

  10. Incidently, this format isn't Nicola's strongest area in public speaking. You want to see that then watch her interact with a room/venue full of the scottish public. She did that time after time after time during the first Indyref up and down scotland in town halls and other places. As a result she got very, very good at it.

    Which isn't to say she's bad at this, (quite the reverse) but if you have the opportunity to see her in a town hall style format then do so and you will see what I mean. :-)

  11. Good result for Sturgeon, I do think the polls rather unfairly underplay Wood's and Bennett's performances, particularly Bennett.

    Clegg was abysmal.

    1. Yes, surprised at the results for Bennett and Wood who I thought were very good. Perhaps they will perform better in net approval rather than "who won"?

    2. Clegg could have worn a Cyril Smith facemask and farted into the mic for the whole of the debate and it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference.

      He's toxic to the voters. Simple as that.

      He's been toxic for years and he's not about to stop being toxic just because Clegg's absurd ostrich faction of spinners can't accept that blindingly obvious truth a few short weeks away from polling day.

      The yellow tories are sprinting as fast as they can towards the edge of the cliff while flapping their arms manically.

      It will not end well for them, to say the least.

  12. She's pretty much a photofit of the ideal SNP leader. She makes you up your own game as a campaigner, or at least try to.

    Roll on the next polls!

  13. Didn't think I was going to bother watching, but I might now. When the consensus even at is that Sturgeon did best, it must've been quite something.

  14. The Three Women must of had a chat beforehand,a few knee caps

  15. I do not understand why Wood and Bennett are so low in the polls in regards to their performance tonight. I thought both were good, far better than Clegg and Farage at the very least.

  16. In 2010 in the GE campaign we were heading for a low turnout because of the expenses scandals. The SNP were doing fairly well until then and it looked as if we would take Dundee West. Along came the debates and it woke up the voters and following these debates (the SNP were frozen out and out of sight out of mind hampered us) and move to Labour started not as a fondness of Labour but as a reaction to the possibility of a Tory Government.

    This time well we shall have to wait to see what happens but I think the debate has woken up those furth of Scotland that there is an alternative and the SNP are not the scary people the right wing press have made out..

  17. Fascinating insight from Peter Kellner on Sky.

    Apparently the YouGov panel was the only one of the evening that had been balanced to include an appropriate share of Don't Knows and that Nicola absolutely stormed that section right across the UK.

    That should point to some further movement to the SNP in the polls in the coming days.