Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nigel's back!

A guest post by Robert MacDonald

On 12 September, the Farage bandwagon will roll into town. "There’s been too much bean-counting on one side and all the passion has been on the Yes side. It’s time to change that," a UKIP spokesman was reported to have said in the Sunday Post. According to the BBC, "We take a position that we will not be intimidated off the streets, and if Jim [Murphy] wants any support on his speaking tour when he goes back out there we are happy to join him to make sure he stays safe."

Overegged claims of intimidation aside, it is clear who will benefit most from such a circus. It won't be Jim Murphy, who would be completely overshadowed by his UKIP minders. It won't be the people of Scotland. It won't even be the union. It will be Nigel Farage himself, his image as a plain-speaking defender of the English everyman beamed into every home receiving the BBC, the new enemy the racist Scot, opening deep fissures in the very union he claims to uphold. Another little nugget of hate will have been lodged in the minds of people who have been let down by their politicians, manipulated by their media, people who look around and wonder whose hand will help them out of their current state of impotent fear. Ed Milliband’s? David Cameron’s?

Let's face it, people across the whole of the UK are scunnered with politicians, angry at their own personal helplessness at the way the place is run. UKIP tempts them with its easy scapegoats. UKIP is the only visible alternative. But UKIP isn't the answer. Voting UKIP is a cry for help. Voting UKIP is the electorate slashing its wrists in despair. UKIP's policies are the most reactionary of any party out there and once in power, would only cement the position of the elite - which may explain why the media have been all over Nigel Farage like a cheap suit for years. Voting UKIP is a vote to make things worse for the vast majority.

In Scotland though, a window of opportunity has opened up. People have started talking about the sort of country they want to live in. It's infectious. And it is now beyond the politicians' control. When No voters talk about Alex Salmond, they are behind the curve. The SNP started this process, but the Yes grassroots have become their own force. If you aren't involved in it you wouldn't know about it as the media don't discuss it. Sites like this are Scotland’s open secret. Most of the rest of the UK is profoundly unaware. Many in Scotland too. But it's happening, on the internet, in conversation after conversation, in doorstep meetings and packed town halls. The ugliness of UKIP is nowhere to be seen for one good reason. People aren’t lashing out, looking for something to blame. They are instead imagining a blank slate, testing their own mettle for change, thirsting for responsibility for their own lives. But the window for discovery is brief. On 18 September, it closes.

I am fascinated to see where this goes. Scotland votes Yes and briefly, all things become possible. But who will end up in charge - the elite and their politicians again? Will Yes campaigners, an independent Scotland delivered, relax and think the job done when really, the only change will have been the permission to continue the conversation, this sweeping away of apathy, this transformational blossoming of trust, responsibility and opportunity in the people themselves? Equally, should Scotland vote No - will the people who have dared to discuss how they want their society organised shut up? It is hard to see how. Either way, the independence referendum has created a breach in the way we do and understand politics, letting in a ray of democratic light. Fear not to speak your own aspirations – this conversation is a virus, your voice its carrier. Should enough catch it, Yes will be inevitable.


  1. Did you see the picture of that fat lump Coburn with his kilt on? lol.

    Just heard on Twitter that the Sun has declared for Independence!

    They only back winners.

  2. So many dams have already been breached, not the least the traditional-media dam which held fast political opinion. This referendum has changed all that; the internet has spoken and will not be silenced.

  3. @Patrick
    Not in 2007, they didn't. :)

  4. It's been very convenient for the powers that be how we were all so discreet about politics before.

    I can remember my granny telling me "you don't discuss your politics in public."

    Aye, well, we do now. I never ever told anyone how I voted before. Now, for the first time in my life, I wear my intentions on a big lapel badge.

    And I'm no going back in the box after this, that's for sure.

  5. Nothing on their twitter page/tweets patrick?

    Great post, 100% correct. Good things are coming ;)

  6. A source is usually needed for these things Patrick!

  7. Looks like it's just a Twitter rumour.

    I'd rather they just stayed neutral, myself. We can win without them.

  8. There's almost a sense of disbelief amongst some of the Yes voters I spoke with today. They seem to have transitioned from hoping Yes can win to having to think about the reality of it. I'm detecting excitement and just a touch of nervousness.

    What will the next few days bring? The three leaders visit will dominate the news tomorrow and Yes will probably be quite happy with that. The Daily Record Survation poll on Thursday morning will probably show a Yes lead (last one was Y-42% N-48% DK-11%). The markets will get slightly jittery again and the MSM will weigh in with some overblown commentary.

    I have a feeling that Yes are keeping something big back which will dominate the weekend news agenda or at least compete with the escalating MSM / No camp hysteria. If you think the attention paid to Scotland today by the UK and world media was intense, it'll be nothing compared to the next 9 days. Historic times indeed. We only have to hold our nerve.

  9. Does this have any credibility?


  10. Stickers : I wish I shared your confidence about the Survation poll, I've no idea what it will show. It'll be the first one to be conducted since the penny dropped that Yes are in with a real chance, and there's no way of knowing what effect that will have on people. You said you detected nervousness - was that translating into some people getting cold feet about voting Yes?

  11. Jimmur, I was asked the independence question on Google option rewards on the 7th and was wondering why that was. This poll would explain it.

    Sadly it isn't of a whole amount of use tbh.

  12. What worries me, is that some people actually seem to be getting taken in by this 'Devo Max' proposal, as if it is a new and great offer!

  13. Does anyone know if bbc/itv/sky will be taking an exit poll on referendum day to go out at 10pm as for general elections? We were discussing this at work today and nobody seemed to know.

  14. Boab: my own experience is that no-one is being taken in by the Devo Fag Pack proposals.

    The Daily Record and BBC might be trying to make out it is a convincing success but in real life there has been much laughter.

  15. Does anyone know if bbc/itv/sky will be carrying out an exit poll on referendum day to release when the polls close like they do for UK GEs? We were discussing this at work today and nobody had heard anything.

  16. James, the reaction of Westminster today says a lot. Yes must be ahead based on the information they have.

    If Yes can divert the attention away from the hollow promises of No and from the exaggerated financial markets reaction then that nervousness will turn to enthusiasm. This weekend is crucial.

  17. Darling on Scotland Tonight. Oh dear. Ponsonby is doing a great job on him. I don't think we need to worry about Yes people being seduced by the cobbled together "Devo Max" proposals.

  18. Anon : There'll be no exit poll, unless there's a last-minute change of mind due to the recent discovery of the London media that a referendum is actually taking place. It may be just as well, though, because how would they work out which pollster to go with? That choice normally wouldn't matter, but in this campaign it would.

  19. Marvel at little Ed, Cameron, Clegg and Farage in intensive training for their harrowing trip to a faraway country of which they know little.



  20. Thanks James Kelly

  21. ''Marvel at little Ed, Cameron, Clegg in intensive training for their trip to a faraway country of which they know little.''

    I remember Ian Drunken Smith coming to Scotland several years ago gushing how much he loved Scotland and the Scottish national football team !!! eh ?

    The interviewer asked him '' Who's the manager then ? ''

    '' Err umm,'' the silence was deafening, that tells you all you need to know, the answer was Berti Voghts.

  22. Stickers I think this is what Yes are holding back for the weekend.

    In fact the Independent seem to think it may be sooner.

    SCOTTISH INEEPENDENCE: RUPERT MURDOCH KING-MAKER Independent Tuesday 09 September 2014 "Rupert Murdoch's Scottish Sun appears on the brink of declaring its support for the Yes campaign, delivering a PR coup for Scotland ând First Minister Alex Salmond, with whom he has a close rapport.

    Mr Murdoch does not have a vote in the Scottish Referendum on 18 September. And yet as he has made clear from a flurry of activity on his Twitter account he could have a greater impact on the outcome of the historic election than almost any of those taking part."

    However we can talk about the hideous ghost at the feast when he appears. As to the polls my own view is it's now about 80% likely to be over for No and I am thinking much more about Friday week. And what really will happen afterwards. I base my supposition YES will win on the fact that in 2011 polls like these rapidly gave way to a big lead for the SNP. Someone here once said they were a great finisher and that does seem to be genuinely true.

    To be honest just on a strict technical analysis (love SNP or hate them) I really don't understand why or how that is. The theories I have seen (shy Nats etc.) make no logical sense to me. My hunch though is that nationalism is like a good song or stirring music. Once it reaches a certain volume people just join in.

    On that I thought Robert Peston was pretty interesting last night on the news when he said almost angrily: how can you expect people to understand the economics? They are incredibly technical. Most people do not get a word of it. I agree with him. They probably think Mark Carney of the Bank of England is some snobbish top-hatted English grandee rather than a neutral highly intelligent Canadian economist who is honestly telling the truth as he sees it and offering major league (and extremely scary) observations and facts.

    Having said that, I would like to add that those who believe 'my country right or wrong' and 'independence come hell or high water' quite rightly care nothing at all for worries about how it will be. They want to take the road even if it's hard because they feel it's theirs. That is a perfectly respectable position. But I don't agree with it and I think it's tough on anyone who gets drawn in for the wrong reasons.

    PS Sorry I posted this on Yesterday's blog earlier by miatake.

  23. Expat : As far as I can see, that's just speculation from the Independent - there's no new information (unless you count the speculation of third parties like Andrew Neil).

  24. @Expat
    "he could have a greater impact on the outcome of the historic election than almost any of those taking part."

    What's remarkable about that? Any celebrity who comments on an election in which they can't vote will have a greater impact than almost any individual voter.

    I hope Murdoch doesn't come out for independence. But Paul Dacre and Dirty Des are firmly in your camp, so getting all squeamish about Yes because an evil press magnate might back it doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Did Carney say more than that a currency union would be "incompatible with sovereignty"? He said almost exactly that a few months back, but it seems to be being reported as a new story for some reason.

    By the way, I think you hugely underestimate No's chances. Fear, not hope, is the greatest motivator of human activity - and while there's been some negative campaigning from the Yes side, No are still way ahead on that score. The late turnaround in 2011 was highly atypical, and Yes need to equal or possibly surpass it. It's a big ask.

    I suspect you're trying mentally to prepare yourself for defeat because it will make it less bitter, and victory sweeter. I sympathise: I find myself doing that from the other side!

  25. Yet more hysterical shrieking from the expat. Most amusing after todays absolute car-crash of a day and complete comedy meltdown from the No campaign.

    "And yet as he has made clear from a flurry of activity on his Twitter account he could have a greater impact on the outcome of the historic election than almost any of those taking part."

    Because he's an idiot. As you yourself said he likes to back winners and that's all we would be seeing if he did so do at this VERY late stage. Nor did the complete absence of Newspaper supporters in 2007 stop the SNP winning that scottish election for those with a short memory.

    "However we can talk about the hideous ghost at the feast when he appears."

    If it happens then I also look forward to your long overdue repudiation of Dacre/Associated Newspapers, The Barclay Bros. and of course Trinity Mirror when he does. Assuming of course you actually know something about the hacking scandal or indeed the general conduct of the massively distrusted Newspapers and aren't simply shrieking "Murdoch!" in a futile attempt to spam James site.

    "On that I thought Robert Peston was pretty interesting last night on the news when he said almost angrily: how can you expect people to understand the economics? "

    We were certainly inundated with economic 'experts' who astutely predicted Brown, Darling and the banks crashing the economy in 2008. Or indeed not. LOL

    What's this though? Curious?

    Jonathan Gordon ‏@ScotsProgress

    @WingsScotland "Scottish Shares Recover COMPLETELY" @BBCJamesCook @BBCScotlandNews @BBCScotland @AngusMacNeilMP pic.twitter.com/OwfMAVs0cB

    The hysteria over the Financial Eggpocalypse, sorry, Financial Apocalypse, appears to have been slightly overblown. Extremely scary indeed. What a surprise.

    "I would like to add that those who believe 'my country right or wrong' and 'independence come hell or high water' quite rightly care nothing at all for worries about how it will be. "

    Whereas I would like to add that resorting to pitiful and feeble straw man arguments like that in no way indicates the comically out of touch attitude we usually expect from those trapped inside the westminster bubble.

    Still, we shouldn't laugh too hard at desperate panicking twits who were warned what was happening on the ground long, long ago and simply refused to listen.

    Oh all right then, We should. :-D

    "Better Together" spokesman Kermit The Frog explains the "new" more-powers offer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmR4DZxnSqY … #indyref

    Tomorrow, this eejit will sign a Pledge to give Scotland more powers in the event of a No vote. An insult to Scots. pic.twitter.com/oie3GOMl90

    Ed Miliband trying not to touch a Scottish person pic.twitter.com/akZSLbQYtD

    @WingsScotland Cameron's dropped his Standard, lower than a rattlesnake's bawbag to begin with #indyref pic.twitter.com/3c6sCZmnz5

    Meanwhile well away from the out of touch westminster panic and hilarity the real Independence Referendum continues to build momentum as yet more ordinary scots join the grass-roots Yes groundswell to build a better scotland.

    Nicola Sturgeon @NicolaSturgeon · 2h

    Another packed #indyref meeting in Edinburgh tonight #voteyes pic.twitter.com/PsgnTsNpDs

  26. Why is Expat getting all excited about Murdoch and the Sun coming out for yes?

    Surely this will be a massive boost for yes?

    Despite the fact that I can't stand Murdoch (wouldn't give him the reek off the shite off ma boots) I don't see how you can think this will be some kind of fillip for the no campaign.

    It's not like he's anywhere near as offensive as the mangy Team OrangeOrder/UKIP/BNP/Britannia/Vitol that your lot have on your side.

    I just don't get Expat's ongoing obsession with this, are you hoping that the yes campaign will sink once Murdoch comes on board? Seriously? You're nuts.

  27. Survation ‏@Survation 14m
    Our #indyref figs for @daily_record are VERY interesting @davieclegg will tweet headline numbers first - follow @survation for full info

  28. Well an increase in no might also be classed as "interesting"

  29. Boab - the only people being taken in by the devo max proposals are those who were voting no anyway I think...

  30. I was talking to a committed no voter last night. He has started to get concerned, his complacency shattered. "It's out of the politicians hands," I said. "People aren't engaged at all," he replied. "It's just a small minority of fanatics making all the noise." Like I say, a mass movement is happening in plain sight yet some, thanks to choosing not to engage, or by getting all their news from the mainstream, still can't see it.

    But Scots don't do camera-friendly street demos. This is happening, one conversation at a time.

  31. There is bigger news than the Sun coming out.

    From what I have heard.

    1. The last 7 days are going to have me near hysteria ... teasing comments like this may just tip me over the edge.....

  32. Not all the English are blind. Take a look at this Independent Yorkshire Blogger

    http://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.com.es/ Why the pro-unionist campaign is falling apart.

    His take on the latest offering?

    "some undeliverable last minute promises"

  33. @chalks

    What do you mean?


  34. Yep, seems it was just a Twitter rumour.

    I agree that as a Yes vote has began to look likely that some people will get the jitters, this is a natural phenomenon, but will these people who have decided that they want Scotland to be independent, really vote No when they get to the polling booth?

    No chance!

  35. Yep, seems it was just a Twitter rumour.

    I agree that as a Yes vote has began to look likely that some people will get the jitters, this is a natural phenomenon, but will these people who have decided that they want Scotland to be independent, really vote No when they get to the polling booth?

    No chance!

  36. Why does Expat think Murdoch and the Sun are relevant? They are late on the bandwagon this time, just as they were late last time.

    Or did he say it to follow it with the nasty insinuation " First Minister Alex Salmond, with whom he has a close rapport". Really? Show me the evidence for that statement!

    Wasn't it Blair and Cameron that had the private dinners and the family barbecues with Murdoch? That overly cozy relationship went sour when the hacking scandal came out. Cameron is no longer useful so he must go.

    Murdoch believes in using the enemy of his enemy as his friend. That is not most definitely NOT rapport.

    I am sure that Alex Salmond is fully aware of that and keeps his dealings with Murdoch scrupulously clean. I suggest that you go look at the First Minister's testimony to the Leveson Inquiry.

  37. I am sworn to secrecy guys,not revealing it for love nor money. It's good though, so don't get dragged down by the constant barrage at the moment.

    We'll be roaring back.

  38. http://t.co/lysKMbWNtJ

    Survation poll released tonight at 10.30.

  39. Thoroughly dispirited today. Yesterday was an abject disaster for the no campaign, almost comically absurd. Even I was offended by their sudden offer of devomax. "Too little, too late" doesn't even begin to describe it, but worse than that it sacrificed the high principle of stability and treated rUK with contempt. And as for flying the saltire over Downing St.... I don't think if you gave me a month I could think of a more patronising and pathetic gesture. Perhaps if Cameron and Miliband presented a cookery programme in which they made a haggis and shared a wee dram. Until yesterday the yes campaign deserved to lose for treating voters with contempt and I would have expected the sensible majority to say that the case has not been made. Now I feel differently.

    Westminster leaders will face hell from their parties and the electorate now whatever the outcome. Ill-considered devomax, if that is the outcome, will create a constitutional nightmare. It would require a new constitutional settlement with broad support across the UK. How dare they sketch it out on the back of a fag packet and toss it at the Scots?

  40. Flockers - they didnt offer devomax. They offered a timetable for something not specified. As someone else mentioned, its like a bus timetable without the buses!

  41. Aye and they had Brown deliver it.

    No mention of the Barnett Formula being abolished, naturally of course.

  42. @chalks

    Fair enough, mate.

    But just to clarify, are you referring to tonight's Survation poll?



  43. No, nothing to do with the poll.

    Apparently THAT is good though, the Survation chief has been tweeting about it, calling it 'quite something'....going by the trend recently and based on their previous results, showing a no lead....I'd say it refers to either a narrowing or a yes lead.

  44. People need to remember that "quite something" could mean almost anything in the current febrile atmosphere. (and there is the obvious need from polling companies to hype their own polls) So, as usual, take everything with a pinch of salt until it's confirmed.

    As for the comedy westminster twits visiting scotland/PR stunt, keep this in mind. Even for a campaign as laughable, desperate and panicking as No has become it is simply beyond all credibilty to believe that Cameron, little Ed and Clegg haven't already been warned by their scottish subsidiary parties that they are most definitely not helping and that their visit can only be counterproductive.

    So why are they doing it?

    Well for one the scottish branches of the lib dems, tories and labour can object all they like because they don't run the show and the campaign. The three comedy twits do. It's also fairly clear that whichever of the three of them dreamed this up would have left the other two with little choice but to follow them.

    This is far more about the escalating blame game currently obsessing the westminster classes.

    It is patently obvious Cameron, Clegg and little Ed are terrified that there will be covert and quite possibly even overt attempts to topple them should there be a Yes. To varying degrees across the three parties to be sure, but if one domino falls then the other two will also look increasingly precarious. They basically all have amusingly low personal ratings from the public as we all know. There are also no shortage of people in their own party who dislike all three of them and wouldn't mind an excuse to get rid of them. So this far too little, far too late PR stunt is all about Cameron, little Ed and Clegg belatedly trying to cover their arses and find some excuses should there be a backlash in their own party.

    It's also instructive to see just how hysterical and out of touch some of the Britnat twits have become. It's quite something when they are deluded enough to think that the hilariously rabid articles and comments in the likes of the Mail, Express, Torygraph etc. are some kind of reliable barometer for public opinion and not the same old predictable bigoted shrieking that has been happening all these years the campaign has been going.

    The papers have staggeringly low levels of trust from the public (not just scots) FOR A REASON. The westminster media have utterly failed in their attempts to bully and 'persuade' scots in the Independence Referendum FOR A REASON. It's the same reason Cameron, Clegg and little Ed are so mistrusted.

    So it is by no means just the three hopeless party leaders who are out of touch and desperately trying to avoid the blame. Some of their most comical and clueless cheerleaders are engaged in it right now as well.

    Again, none of this should be surprising to SCOTgoesPOP regulars as we long predicted the inevitable blame game spiralling out of control as well. It is crystal clear that desperate panic was always going to be accompanied by to a frenzied backlash looking to blame someone.

    Let them run about screeching dementedly since the actual campaign on the ground for Yes will most assuredly continue doing what it has all these months and indeed years to try and win the Independence Referendum. Talking to ordinary members of the public up and down scotland in ever greater numbers while campaigning to ensure a better scotland for all scots.

  45. Keaton I agree I am mentally preparing myself for the Yes win and what comes later. There seems little point in doing otherwise. Credit Suisse and other foreign banks (not English) predict a major recession in Scotland in the event of a Yes vote which will be greeted here as just propaganda but why foreign banks would be interested in propagandizing rather than protecting their clients money is hard to see. We can hope they are all wrong. And I am quite sure many here, even if they believed it, would be happy to pay that price. No argument is possible in those circumstances


    Of course I don't think Murdoch's Sun endorsement will lead to more No votes. I am not even sure it will lead to more Yes votes. I am interested in it because it will reflect on what happens AFTER the vote. Murdoch will seek to influence things behind the scenes as sure as he has always done when he makes these endorsements. If you deny that, you know nothing about him. And he only seems to have good relation with two politicians here now Salmond and Farage. As soon as Scotland is in the place he wants, he will start beating the drum for Farage, which is the next cause for him as he seeks to take Brits out of EU.

    And in answer to others I accept Dacre and Des are not great bedfellows for No but they aren't going to be hanging around Scotland much after it's all over. There is a chance Murdoch might try and bring BSkyB to Scotland if he can, and that way he can get around the restrictions on him. It will be a matter of whether he can and how expensive it is.

    Incidentally Murdoch is pondering. Today he tweeted
    "Bigger problem! Wrestling with Scottish vote. Scottish Sun No. 1. Head over heart, or just maybe both lead to same conclusion..."

    " Scots better people than to be dependants of London. Hard choice with real pain for some time. Maybe too much."

    'Real pain for some time' , there's the hard-headed businessman who sees it.

    But just one more good poll and he'll be there I suspect.

  46. Will The Record hold its nerve and stick with No? They have the Survation poll. They might want to save themselves and declare for Yes

  47. First. An enormous note of gratitude to James Kelly. Been a daily visitor here for a long time, and applaud the fact that most contributors stay on-subject, and don't treat it as just another outlet for alleged "pearls of wisdom"...
    Background in broadcasting, so on Murdoch.. Bloody nose for the establishment of another era is simply icing on cake for him. It's the business opportunity that is drawing his interest. It's all change time, including BBC charter renewal 2017, very likely seeing the shift from licence to subscription. Sunday Herald stats will speak to him too, as regards the Sun. But it's really about Sky. (For whom Portree would make a jolly place for an HQ...)

  48. Really Expat what was the point of your post?
    Your drivel falls on stony ground on this blog.
    What the fuck is the point of your hysterical bleating?

    I doubt that even you believe what you write nowadays. We certainly haven't since you started posting here.

  49. Chalks... do you have a timetable for when your news is likely to go live?

    It's Andy Murray, isn't it ;)

  50. Airforce1.

    That is really interesting. What I can't figure out is if the other shareholders would allow him to move BSkyB but he's in a very dominant position and it could indeed be what is coming.

    Meanwhile like everybody else I am trying to tease out what 'quite something' could mean as tweeted by Opinium boss about Opinium poll arriving at 10.30 tonight.

    A futile exercise in some ways but I think we CAN assume it is not just lying or pure hype. You could therefore deduce it does not duplicate any of the last two polls. Or a one point apart situation. None of these would be 'quite something'. It surely must then mean a fairish lead by Yes or No. 3-6 points maybe.

    The words could just about mean a NO lead of that figure but on the other hand it's not like that would be anything new. So on that point and the momentum we have seen a Yes lead by those figures (3-6) must surely be what is coming. Or (more far-fetched) some massive outlier Yes 7-10?

    And in case people wonder why a No person makes such a prediction, I would point out that the worst thing in any tough situation is uncertainty or a bad surprise. Better to deduce, know and get on.

  51. @Craig P

    I don't know if chalks has a timetable, but The Guardian live feed says that "there is a major [Salmond press conference] coming tomorrow".


  52. Maybe the sensational news is that a prominent Labour or Lib Dem
    is going to come out for Yes

  53. @alex livinstone

    That sounds likely. Place your bets: Menzies Campbell would be big enough? :D


  54. If it's Henry McLeish, then pffft.

    If it's Charles Kennedy, then hats of to Charlie but he's a bit of an irrelevance nowadays.

    If it's Johann Lamont then whoa, I didn't see that coming!

  55. " But it's really about Sky. "

    Hence why the panicking and desperate spammer shrieking about Murdoch is so laughably out of touch.

    Sky have been every bit as amusingly biased as the BBC with their 'reports' on the Independence Referendum. Their round up of the newspaper front pages by utterly clueless westminster bubble 'pundits' in particular have become a comedy highlight for many in scotland.

    Meanwhile we can only speculate on what deals little Ed and Cameron have done to ensure the overwhelmingly biased unionist coverage THEY HAVE ACTUALLY RECEIVED FOR YEARS. As opposed to some still theoretical endorsement with only DAYS to go.


    Nor do we have to look far to see what Dacre, Dirty Des, the Barclay Bros. and Trinity Mirror have already received for their years of No campaign scaremongering.

    Leveson - REJECTED The watered down Royal Charter for press regulation the Press Barons still despised - REJECTED Then booted well past the 2015 election with nary a peep from the cowardly little Ed and Cameron.

    Of course if the No campaign wasn't a complete panicking joke then these westmisnter twits might have realised long ago that cowtowing to the likes of the repulsive Dacre, Dirty Des, the Barclay Bros. Trinity/Piers Morgan etc. to win the support of such papers wasn't actually too bright an idea.

    Daily Mail, today, 10 September 2014. One's the Scottish edition. The other's not. #IndyRef pic.twitter.com/iQsioJmpX8

    I see Cameron's close friend, spindoctor and former Murdoch Editor Andy Coulson is still in Prison. Incredible irony considering Tommy Sheridan's hundred or so town hall meetings up and down scotland will have had far more effect on disillusioned labour voters than any amount of distrusted Newspaper headline drivel from Murdoch or anyone else. I expect Tommy is very much looking forward to the next trial involving Coulson even though Cameron most certainly won't be. :-)

    As my lunchbreak is almost done I'll have a quick look in on a local Yes shop and be back out on the streets later to see how things are in the real world well away from the westminster twits staged PR stunts.