Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wisdom on Wednesday : I suppose we all thought that, one way or another...

"I seem to remember that OGH's last lauding of a Scottish Lib Dem was to say that Willie Rennie was the man the SNP fear. Have we any polling to indicate how far down in their trenches the SNP should be cowering from 'Death, the destroyer of Worlds' Rennie?"

PB poster TheUnionDivvie, raising an eyebrow or two at Mike "can't be arsed" Smithson's seemingly genuine belief that Alistair Carmichael will be the hero of the referendum campaign, wipe the floor with Alex Salmond in a series of TV debates, and triumphantly emerge as the next leader of the UK Liberal Democrats.


  1. Having seen Bruiser Carmichael's stuttering, stammering, ill-informed support for the right wing Tory think tank's flawed report on finance in an independent Scotland, all I can say is that his appointment and Moore's dismissal was another one of Camercleggs' spectacular muck ups. (Yes, I did say Muck, but read it how you will.)

  2. Strangely, I originally thought that the appointment was a belated good decision by Clegg, because I remembered that Carmichael had done tolerably well in the 2010 election debates. But after the painful experience of watching his recent interview with Gordon Brewer, when he risibly claimed that the UK government's reason for not ruling out a sterling zone was that they didn't want to make the SNP cry, I've completely changed my mind. I didn't rate Michael Moore either, though, so I don't think this change makes matters any worse for the Lib Dems or the anti-independence campaign.

    Talking of "007" Moore, here's Question To Which The Answer Is No, no. 34754 -

    Does John Rentoul understand Scotland?

  3. So Nick "clusterfuck" clegg hires Verbal Kint to talk a lot of bollocks to help out his mate "Wullie - the night gown - Rennie"?

    Look I hate to be blunt, but in a couple of years, every Lib-dem in Scotland as well as in England is going to experience what it was like for tories in 1997.

  4. Ha ha, yes.

    It's highly unlikely that anyone who professes to have admired Tony Blair more at the end of his premiership than at the beginning would have the vaguest idea about Scotland.

    As for Carmichael, it seemed to me that they were pushing someone who had been in the tent,albeit rather ineffectually, outside, with the inevitable consequence that he might pee all over them.

    And for what? A more combative debater? Someone who could take on Nicola Sturgeon and win?

    On his performances I see no evidence that he could take on Ruth Davidson or Johann Lamont and win, never mind Nicola.

    I'm beginning to wonder whether they mistook hm for his teddy bear!

  5. The television in Bedford must be showing something that we up here are missing to see.

  6. I think Carmichael was chosen as if the current LD polling is confirmed at the 2015 election he might be the only one to survive the wipeout in Scotland.

    Shades of the SNP in 1979 where most of the SNP MP's had large personal votes but not enough to buck the national trend.

  7. I didn't know it was THAT bad, Marcia!

  8. The findings of the Ashcroft mega-poll were't far off from that, although of course Charles Kennedy would survive as well.