Friday, November 22, 2013

Sorry to be so repetitive..

...but if the No campaign and their friends in the media can't help themselves, why should I? From the Guardian -

"Darling, chairman of the pro-UK campaign Better Together, told the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (Icas) that the Scottish government was moving into 'very dangerous waters' if it set out to instruct the rest of the UK on the terms of future independence talks."

So let me get this straight. The Scottish Government do not have the right to "instruct" London...but the Welsh Government do? Those are the rules now?

This whole brazen exercise in hypocrisy is starting to remind me of Tony Blair's concepts of "reasonable" and "unreasonable" vetoes at the UN - a "reasonable" veto being one used by the US or UK, and an "unreasonable" veto being one that is used against a resolution supported by the US and UK.

* * *

In the light of the special day tomorrow, I wonder if Ruth Davidson can "guarantee" (to coin a term) that Scotland will continue to receive Doctor Who if we DON'T become independent? I mean, what if the BBC cancel the show again, like they did in 1989? I take it from the way Ms Davidson is talking that the Scottish Tories and Better Together have some sort of control over the decision-making process?


  1. Ruth Davidson is not the sharpest sandwich pulling the train.
    I have just spent a few days Geneva and in the hotel I had BBC 1,2,3 and 4
    ITV 1,2,4 but no 3
    BBC World

    Here in. France I have BBC World and BBC Entertainment, all of the fabulous Eastenders etc that everyone cannot live without.

    Serious question here, has Ruthie ever been outside the UK apart from being part of an invasion force?

  2. Given that she was some sort of junior news reporter person working for the BBC, and that she was the chosen one of no less a personnage than the Great British Prime Minister (pause while we all gasp in awe), I'm sure that wee Ruth will be able to pull sufficient strings to ensure that the BBC shows repeats of Doctor Who for the next 101 years, if only we vote to stay within the UK.

  3. To be honest James, I'm not sure that the Scottish Tories and Better Together have any influence over the decision making process of anything, ever. It seems that they take their orders,(or should that be ordure?), from Westminster.