Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photos on Tuesday : Arbroath

Welcome along to the second of my pre-scheduled posts, designed to keep things ticking over while I'm off on my travels.  I have a feeling this particular set of photos will look somewhat less than exotic to Tris, Munguin and Marcia, but Arbroath is quite a trek from my own neck of the woods!  They were taken in early August.  I had been to the abbey and cliffs a couple of times before, but this was the first time I had seen the signal tower museum.

Click on any photo to enlarge.


  1. Not exactly exotic, James, but a reminder, none the less, of stunningly beautiful coastline.

    That path along the cliffs is a favourite of mine. Some of the inlets are so beautiful and the blow holes can be pretty awesome at high tide on a choppy day.

    A walk along to Auchmithie is always a (windy) pleasure, to be rounded off with a fish supper on return; sitting in the car as the gulls gather outside aware that there is the possibility of scraps.

    In the recent past I've taken friends from India, Hungary, Bulgaria and Malaysia down that way. All have been mightily impressed.

    It was, at least, exotic for them.

    I hope your holiday is going well, and that it will result in some more "exotic" pics.

  2. Thanks, Tris. Yes, loads of pictures, if I can avoid losing my camera over the next few days!

    Oh, and bravo Mr Murray!

  3. And BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the bigots of the english media who just can't stop with the politics.

    He's now no longer Scottish. And he needs to dump the RBS sponsorship as it's unworthy of him to promote a Scottish company.

    It's plato and fitalass with their heroic brit compared to surly Scot. Vile!

  4. As despicable as that piece is, it's an interesting example of a phenomenon increasingly seen in the London media, ie. an aggressive denial of the reality that the referendum is actually happening, and that there is no guarantee that the British state will actually exist by the end of Murray's career.

    I'm almost tempted to say "Bless". We'll find out how long Murray's "perpetual Britishness" will really last in 2014.

  5. http://www.dailywhat.org.uk/2012/08/olympic-victory-parade.aspx

    Scolympian and Hoy with a huge Saltire. Maybe somebody should tell teh PB Herd as they were frotting (sic) themselves into a Tim like frenzy over the appearance of union jack clad sportspersons destroying any chance of a Yes vote.