Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A couple of housekeeping points

Just to let you know that you can now subscribe to this blog by email. I've been very reluctant to enable that feature, because I assumed it sent out posts as soon as they were published. That would have made me a bit paranoid, because I've had a few disasters where I've hit 'publish' before a post was properly ready. But apparently it doesn't work like that - a digest goes out every day at a set time (but only if there's been a post in the last 24 hours, of course). You can find the subscription form near the top of the sidebar.

Spurred on by the comment from Lupus (I think?) the other week, I've also taken the plunge and joined Networked Blogs. But the widget is far too large, so I had a look at what LPW has done, and instead set up a Facebook page for this blog, and installed the widget from that. (Scroll down the sidebar to see it.) In theory the feed from Networked Blogs should go to that page, and also to Twitter. What could possibly go wrong? Ah well, I'll just regard it as a trial run!

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  1. if you havent, please join the Scottish Independence Convention. Thanks.