Saturday, March 31, 2012

A couple of miscellaneous items...

First of all, here's the long-overdue confirmation of the result of the Olympic poll from a few days ago...

Will you be supporting Team GB this summer?

Yes 7%
No 53%
Only when there is Scottish involvement 39%

I must admit those figures surprised me slightly - I expected Option 3 to be the most popular. Not supporting Team GB under any circumstances creates a number of paradoxes - for instance, Scotland's campaign at the men's world curling championship has just got off to a winning start in Basel. I'm sure we all wish them well, but I'm afraid there's no getting away from the fact that a good result will automatically earn Olympic Qualifying Points for "Team GB"!

I think my own answer to the question would be either Option 1 or Option 3, depending on how irritating the London media are being on any given day.

Talking of polls, if you have ten seconds to spare, you might like to take this rare opportunity to vote for Alex Salmond as someone who deserves to be on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world. I don't think the public vote has any official standing, but nevertheless it's being prominently publicised on the website. At time of writing, 3327 voters think Salmond should be on the list, and 1097 disagree.


  1. Since team GB bought Zola Budd I have treated the Olympics for what they are a corporate public expensive sham using athletes as unwitting participants for political erections.

  2. I didn't answer the poll, but if I had I'd have said "no". But that's because I won't be watching the Olympics. So you may be drawing the wrong conclusion from your data.

    I did the Time poll, but I voted yes or no for lots of people. I'd like to see Ai Weiwei win.