Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry, Norway : Iain Gray says you can't be Scandinavian anymore

As a public service, I thought I'd take my personal Tardis back to Oslo in 1905, and deliver an important - albeit probably unwelcome - message to the naive populace on behalf of Iain Gray MSP :

"Christian Michelsen's bizarre speech is just the latest attempt by his government to muddy the water over exactly what it means by independence...

The Norwegian government clearly knows how unpopular its separatist agenda is but attempting to water down the language isn't going to fool anybody.

Mr Michelsen's peculiar claims that the Scandinavian identity would somehow be enhanced by tearing Norway off from Sweden are utter nonsense. Either Norway is part of the Scandinavian political union or it is not."

So there you have it, people of Norway. Independence or a Scandinavian identity - it's entirely your choice, but stop deluding yourselves that you can have both. The idea that anyone in Oslo will still consider themselves Scandinavian after 106 years of independence is for the birds.


  1. Isn't Iain Gray a silly little man?

    He doesn't understand geography, clearly. Maybe he thinks that when we get independence Alex Salmond is going to get a great big saw and cut Scotland free from England and tow it somewhere else.

    Actually, wait a minute: given this summers weather, wouldn't that be quite a good idea?

  2. It was roasting where I live today, Tris - I even had to get the electric fan out!

  3. Ohhhh James! Can I come and visit?

    I bought my electric fan back in 2006, used it twice (my purchase was a signal for the brilliant weather to cease and desist), and it has lived in a cupboard ever since.

    It would be nice to feel the need of it again.