Friday, July 8, 2011

Photos on Friday : Barcelona, Besalu and (possibly) Girona

In spite of the 'sensational' news that the News of the World is to be replaced by the 'Sun on Sunday' (will life ever be the same again?), and even in spite of the supreme irony of Tory-supporting online posters suddenly becoming the friend of the downtrodden working man and lamenting that "the workforce have been hounded out of their jobs by Ed Miliband" (!), I must admit I'm feeling distinctly "politicked out" at the moment. So I thought I'd do a trial run of a potential new regular non-political feature, and one that is considerably less time-consuming than Word-Search Wednesday at that. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Photos on Friday, in which Scot Goes Pop! showcases the very finest in travel photography from all around the worl...well, OK, it's my holiday snaps.

I thought I'd start with some more of my Catalan pictures from last September.  The first one is from the very picturesque small town of Besalu, the second is...I'm not quite sure, it might be from the top of Barcelona Cathedral, but I think it's more likely to be the Arab Baths in Girona.  The third could also be either the interior of Barcelona or Girona Cathedral (I really must learn to take notes).  The others are all definitely from Barcelona, though!  As ever, click to enlarge.


  1. You really must learn to take notes. Oh yes, you said that, didn't you?

    I'm rather taken with Besalu, and the interior of whatever cathedral looks particularly appealing.

    It's an excellent idea to do the holiday snaps; no, sorry, the finest in travel journalism from around the ... etc

    It was soooooo much easier on the brain than Wordsearch Wednesday.

    As an aside, I'm astounded that the ultimate businessman Murdoch has ditched the "News of the World" title, which had become a liability (and, I suspect, may be come more of a liability over the coming days [going forward])and replace it with the "Sun on Sunday". What a cynical move.

    What I AM looking forward to is hearing Cameron's explanation for being up to his elbows in the sordid affair, with his best mate, Rebekah and his spin man, Andy.

    Who will he ditch first and... what depressing news will the government try to bury on a day when the NotW story is consuming us with interest?

    And, just a thought but, distasteful as the hacking of people's phones is and despicable though the hacking of dead soldiers' phones is, surely the serious questions here are the corrupt policemen (and are there any Scottish ones involved?) and the power that Murdoch has over the top politicians.

  2. I hate to tell you, Tris, but I've already prescheduled another word-search to appear later in the month! It might be the last one, though.

  3. Oh that's OK... I mean I can do wordsearch Wednesdays, but it's just easier on the eye looking at this ace photojournalism from erm, around, erm the world.

    Well, going against the trend (as usual), I rather like holiday snaps....