Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Though cowards flinch...

I see Jeff is mischievously asking whether a Scottish flag will be flown outside 10 Downing Street in support of Andy Murray, now that England are out of the World Cup. To be honest, I'd be a bit cautious about putting such thoughts in Cameron's head - I'm quite sure he'd conclude the most appropriate flag to fly for Andy Murray is the Union Jack! It's the old story - heads, Briton wins, tails, Scot loses.

I never had a problem with the English flag being flown for the duration of England's involvement in the World Cup, and I'm even prepared to believe that if both England and Scotland had qualified, both flags would have been flown. What I have more difficulty in believing is that the Scottish flag would have been flown on its own had a 1974 or 1978 scenario arisen, with Scotland being the only UK country to qualify. Can you imagine the press reaction if Gordon Brown had flown the saltire in Downing Street on its own, as Cameron has just done with the St George's Cross? Cancel that - can you imagine Brown having the guts to even try it in the first place?

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